What Is Pitch Deck? Examples, Designs and Template

We are discussing about pitch deck today. Are you to thinking to have a startup? Or your business is expanding? No? Pitch deck is still necessary. If you think that pitch deck is just to reach out the potential investors and prospects then no! It has more uses then that.

  • It gives an outline to your business.
  • It tells a story not just impress the investors and audience but also to inspire oneself
  • It narrates the entire history and achievements of your business.
  • It gives a self-analyzation that what you have achieved and what you desire more of.
  • It gives a brief and yet insightful summary of your business.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

     ~ Will Rogers

Besides so many advantages of a pitch deck, we still can’t ignore the fact that pitch deck is majorly used to attract a potential investor’s interest and imagination, reason it gives an overview of entire business, including products, services, growth rate, source of revenue, key terms, goals, strategies and much more in seeking investment.

What’s the difference between Pitch Deck and Elevator Pitch?

The phrase “elevator pitch” is likely familiar to business owners. A concise, compelling speech that you may deliver in an elevator within 30 seconds to attract attention to what your business does in a convincing and impressive way. However, what follows pitch deck?

The answer is pitch deck, when the elevator pitch comes to an end and the investor wants to know more about your business, this the time when you present them a pitch deck. Using slides as a communication tool and adding some polished details, provide a concise presentation about the mission and aspirations of your company.

Example of Elements Included in Business pitch presentation

It’s appealing to overload investors with details. Every aspect of a business is significant for you as the entrepreneur. The finest pitch decks, however, are concise and simple to understand.

A pitch deck may comprise no more than 19 slides.

There are numerous diverse viewpoints on the main factors of a pitch deck. However, when we examined several existing, successful startup pitch decks, we found that the majority of the presentations contained a set of ten essential slides.


The far more significant slide in your pitch deck should be the first. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave a permanent impact; it’s your time to accomplish this.

Explain who you are and the reason you’re here in a clean and concise manner on the introductory slide.

This slide may also be used to explain your company’s value proposition. Try to convey it in a solitary word or phrase, such as:

“We provide moms our assisting services.”

“We provide students with cheerful lunches.”


“We arrange relationships.”

You see what I mean.

Your listener will sit upright and be curious about the remainder of your presentation if you have a compelling value offer.


What is your strategy if your business concept doesn’t address an obvious problem?

One must pinpoint a challenge that their intended audience is facing or a void in the marketplace that needs to be filled.

An excellent problem slide will concisely list a couple of difficulties that your business will address. To make it easier for investors to understand, consider the material focused.

Note: at least address 2 to 3 problems that your business is facing. The problem should be authentic and valid, and you must know the straight forward and unique solution of the problem.


Choose a straightforward, understandable answer for investors to utilize during this presentation.

Be careful not to say things like, “We are the sole ones doing it now.” The majority of those inside this room undoubtedly know several businesses who are attempting to solve the issue you’ve highlighted.

Offering several potential options for solving the problem at hand before moving to the one you’ve picked and why is an excellent alternative tactic. Investors can see your commitment and diligence through this.

Focus your pitch on your expertise, passion, dedication, and capacity for problem-solving rather than distinctiveness.

But be careful not to put everything on your slide. Let these recommendations serve as the foundation for your entire presentation, keeping it brief and to the purpose.

Size and Potential of the Market

The extent to which you secure money will depend on the market. Investors may decide that your potential ROI is just too low either too unsafe if you are engaged in a tiny market.

A significant market slideshow can plot recent demand growth and forecast projected market growth utilizing data from your study so that investors can quickly grasp the possible of your product.


This is where you showcase the real goods or services that your company offers.

If it’s a tangible product, including expert images of the item taken from various perspectives. The components and attributes of your item must also be highlighted in shattered or sliced views.

If your offering is indeed an app, web based application, or service, think about including screenshots that highlight its standout qualities.


This presentation should focus exclusively on the expansion of your company, including the amount of revenue you’ve generated, the key objectives you’ve met thus far, and the future steps.

The traction slide among most businesses’ pitch deck includes a hockey stick graph.

The traction slide is crucial because, in the perspective of investors, it lowers risk. They demand evidence showing any business concept or offering has the potential to be successful.


The representatives of your core team are listed on this slide. The investor is curious about these people’s motivation and what distinguishes them special sufficient to see the project through to the end.

Consider adding bullets, explanations, or titles below each key teammates that explain how they are important to your objective.

Just the members of your steering committee should be there. Including experts is not required.


Will be using this slide to identify your competitors and demonstrate where you vary from them.

Observe how they differentiate their company from all other travelling or posting businesses by focusing on both affordability and accessibility.


Investors typically spend the most time reviewing the financial statements slide in your presentation deck.

Together with information regarding your business strategy and budget, it should also include projections for your company’s performance over the subsequent three- to five-year periods.

Financial information is simpler to comprehend and looks much more fascinating when presented in a bar chart rather than a dry spreadsheet filled with numbers.

Many of these details are not unchangeable. Investors expect you to lay out your goal and demonstrate that you possess the financial know-how to achieve it, even if no one can foresee where you’ll be within the next 3 years with any degree of accuracy.

Here, you can indeed describe your financial strategy. This covers your business model, methods of marketing, and financial projections.

Funds and Investment

Don’t forget to let investors know what you require from them prior to you finish.

However, tell them what you intend to achieve with the funding as well as requesting for a particular amount.

When you give reasons for your request, you increase investor confidence and make yourself more credible.

Keep your strategy in mind. Tell your investors how much you’re seeking, but be honest. You don’t want to set your sights too high and end up losing a significant investment. Cover all the bases.

Guidelines for creating the best pitch deck presentations

Since you know what such a pitch deck and what it should include, let’s examine at a certain typical rules and guidelines for developing and delivering effective pitch presentations.

At the time of designing the Pitch deck presentation

  • DO utilize key points on slideshows while preparing.

Keep in mind that this presentation has such a limited time limit.

  • DON’T use too much information to distract your viewers.

Don’t squeeze anything that you want to say onto the presentations; instead, describe everything in detail.

  • DON’T over-text your slides.

It is preferable to use bullets rather than prose on slides.

Additionally, employ legible color schemes, a lot of graphics, and high letter sizes. This will assist you in creating a presentation that is both interesting and educational.

  • DO provide your contact information.

To let the viewers know which one to approach with questions, be sure to provide the contact details only at conclusion of the presentation.

Additionally, this presentation gives your company a “presence” and invites potential investors to research this figure.

  • DON’T overburden with too many teammates

A group shouldn’t be overburdened with members.

Keep the basic group of people in your team slide. Your investors would like to know who is operating the deck since too many CEOs can become overwhelming.

At the time of presenting the Pitch deck presentation

  • DO narrate a tale.

Ensure that you tell your audience a compelling story which clearly demonstrates why your brand is addressing the issue at hand and also how doing so will affect them.

  • DON’T ONLY concentrate on the statistics.

All of your statistics seem dull and uninteresting without such a compelling story and a larger perspective addressing the purpose of your company and the services it will offer to potential clients.

Keep in mind that presentation offers a logical storyline constantly, not only at the start. Statistics, particularly financial statistics, are significant, however they are not the sole relevant factor.

  • DON’T be afraid to exaggerate or downplay.

The content of the presentation, as well as how you show it, are both crucial.

Analyze your listener as you talk to determine their level of curiosity in the specifics of your industry as well as what matters to them the utmost. After that, adjust your pitch to meet their demands.

  • DON’T only recite the presentations.

Never simply repeat the information on presentation slides; instead, customize your speech to keep the audience engaged.

Investors may read, keep in mind. This is a demonstration rather than a mail allowing you to interact with them.

3 Best Business’s pitch deck design examples

Still uneasy on how the deck must appear and perceive? Cross-referencing an effective deck can also be useful. Asking a friend or coworker who has successfully launched their proposal to discuss both of his decks with you could be beneficial. Here are a few sample pitch deck from the well, very profitable businesses to get you began.

  • Zuckerberg’s Facebook employed innovative visuals and quotations to grab viewers’ interest and help them quickly comprehend the information they offered giving. They utilized straightforward headlines like “Our Education – The Growth” and “Our Assistance – Marketing agencies” to make a big impact with a minimum color palette.
  • Each deck is easily readable thanks to Airbnb’s neat and straightforward design. Despite having little text, each presentation was packed with data. Significant framework for the company’s usability and financial summary was delivered through infographics and descriptive designs.
  • The 2018 deck pitch of Peloton demonstrates how important it is for business to have its eyes on the horizon as it expands. In 2012, Kickstarter provided the startup with its initial funding. With the help of this presentation deck, the company was able to secure $550 million in capital for its Sequence

Want a finest pitch deck, without investing so much time?

It’s true that time is money, and as an entrepreneur, one must find it challenging to respond with the finest proposal possible. If so, why not employ a writer, a designer, and a consultant? That would undoubtedly be challenging since how would you juggle the three?

Here, your only choice is to seek out a specialist who is a writer, consultant, or also a designer. You can choose the Bizplanss, who offers the best services for entrepreneurs like you.

Either you’re looking for a strong and custom-made deck for an investment pitch and just need assistance with creating a proposal for funding. Our primary goal is to convince the sponsors to endorse you. Our team of editors and consultants creates speeches that inspire and grab the interest of the audience with attention-grabbing graphics and refined language. We collaborate with the most prosperous companies and support them on their journey to success. A goal of Bizplanss’ is to provide its clients with the most efficient pitch deck via assisting them in attracting possible customers and investors.

Bizplanss Pointers to deliver you the finest pitch deck

To sum up, a few of our preferred pitch deck design pointers are as follows:

  • We add icon of your brand or business headings on the most crucial findings.
  • For simple evaluations between slides, we use comparable graphs and tables.
  • For lengthier pitch decks, we utilize all slide arrangements in a constructive manner
  • We choose an attractive theme for the backstory photos related to your business or brand.
  • Instead of just listing your potential pointers, we develop visual personalities in our pitch deck.
  • We show the progression of your business with a timeline.
  • We put all the possible calculations for your audience to keep them engaged.

Types of Pitch deck template we provide

To assist you in selecting the one that would work best for your business and get right to the point, and keep audiences interested and engaged, Bizplanss offers a variety of pitch deck templates.

However, we also assist in locating the ideal template with a variety of slide kinds, providing you lots of versatility.

We make presentations with charts and info-graphics are required for statistics and analytics, whereas slides with mixed media (text, photos, and video) will inspire and interest the audience you are presenting to.

  • Pitch deck for investors.
  • Pitch deck for marketing.
  • Pitch deck for a competition
  • Pitch deck for Opportunity and Vision.
  • Team pitch deck.
  • Pitch deck for traction.

And many.

Need help in making a pitch deck yourself?

Here are some of the questions covered so far to help you solve all your queries because helping you out is our first priority!

What a pitch deck should include?

As mentioned above, your pitch deck must include 10 elements.

  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Size and potential of the market
  • Your product
  • Traction
  • Team Members
  • Your competitors
  • Finance
  • Fund and investment needed.

For detailed information go check the above blog

How do you write a pitch deck?

Keep in mind that your pitch deck needs to be well-organized and edited.

  • Make it concise and straightforward.
  • Standing out
  • Facilitate the investor’s role
  • Provide a thorough business plan.
  • Possess reliable projections

How do you start a pitch presentation example?

Hello, I’m [name] and I work at [business name] at [position]. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I believed you’d be curious about that [issue + notable stats] considering your work at [business name or industry].

What is the purpose of a pitch deck?

Businesses that want to persuade customers or funders to cooperate with them frequently utilize pitch decks. They are concise presentations that will help someone rapidly learn about your company.

Ask Bizplanss to feature your business

Pitch deck is a crucial sales resource. You risk losing out on financing or clients if you lack the necessary details and components. You should concentrate on the layout and content of the pitch decks in order to achieve transparency and simplicity. Your pitch decks should be both nicely designed and brief. In addition, Bizplanss is available to assist you.

To use our services and elevate your pitch deck, sign up for Bizplanss or get in touch with us.


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