How It Works

Our business plan specialists follow an excellent business plan outline and detailed questionnaire which aim to extract essential information most efficiently. Our customized business plan requires a little involvement of the business owners yet includes an exceptional level of details related to business. We have achieved a 90% success rate on Business plans across the globe.


How it works?

First and foremost, we discuss the business plan development process and timelines. We will also ask for your ideas as we need to understand your point of view, the minute details of your business and your vision.

Given that, we will draft the final product for you considering all your ideas and information provided so that you are satisfied with the result.

We will send a non-disclosure agreement to you along with a service agreement highlighting our responsibilities and deliverable. Once we get the signed documentation, we promptly start your project.

In this step, we are ready to work on the 1st phase, deliverables. During the phase, we will gather financial information to construct your business forecast.

We will send you our exclusive Financial Assessment Questionnaire with targeted questions about your financial picture. Once our financial modeler gets your feedback, we evaluate it and could book an extra phone meeting with you in need of any essential information.

We take five days to assemble the 1st draft of your financial plan. We will then send it to you to revise it. A quick turnaround at this point will assist us to work as per our timelines.

We take further 2 days for any subsequent revisions. We offer up to 5 rounds of amendments on the financial plan revision phase.

In this step, we are all set to work on the 2nd phase, project deliverables. This phase is the foundation of the written portion of your business plan. It is a well drafted and thorough sales pitch for you and your vision.

We will send you our preferential Business Assessment Questionnaire with targeted questions about your business, strategy, and operations. Once our business writer receives your response, we evaluate it and, if needed, book additional phone meetings with you to draw together any further information.

Our market analyst apprehends the information about your line of business, location and other specific details necessary to perform our competitor analysis and demographic research. This research is done in parallel while the business plan development is in progress.

We take five days to draft your business plan. We then send it to you for revision. Quick turnaround at this point will help us to stay on track.

Once your revisions have been followed and implemented to the draft business plan, we send you a final and revised version both in PDF and MS Word formats.

It closes our business plan process.

We aim to offer more than the expectations of every client we work with.